In An Epic Meme Battle, Nicolas Cage Enters GoT, Trump’s House And Many More Iconic Settings

6:10 pm 26 Jul, 2017


As the ones who saw the dawn of meme culture, Nicolas Cage’s face is quite recognizable. Some of us knew him from memes before movies, such is his presence. He is omnipresent, and so Nicolas Cage is making an appearance with the Trumps, in the ‘Game of Thrones’, in classical paintings, in Justice League, etc.

The muse of meme-makers, Nicolas Cage, is in Kazakhstan to attend the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival. When he met the first lady, Saera Nazarbayeva, Nicolas appeared in a traditional Kazakh dress. His stoic and unimpressed expression has catapulted the image into the meme machine of the internet.


Excited to check out the madness on the internet?






Here comes Mr. Cage to invade the Star Wars universe again.


As if Borat wasn’t a shock in itself.


Joining in, Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage in a fancy robe with powers such as the “thousand yard stare”.


Maybe the Night King will do well with his new council.


Who let the Hound out?


A new house joins the battle, namely House Cage, and here we have Memeborn Nicolas representing the winning side (we hope).


Memes are a form of art. Art is a mirror of the society. Our society is bonkers. Enough said.



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