The Monthly Earnings Of This English-Speaking Beggar Will Make Your Jaw Drop

5:20 pm 5 Apr, 2018


Millions of people have accepted the profession of begging due to illiteracy, physical disabilities and extreme poverty. However, there are many people of robust health who are beggars because they think that begging is an easy source of income!




One can see people begging on the streets, around religious places or at the traffic signals, asking for food and money. There are all kinds of beggars, including women, children, senior citizens, handicapped and men. There may be many types of beggars but there are some who stand out of the crowd in their own unique manners.



One such beggar is from Pakistan. He is an unusual beggar who has a distinctive style of begging for money.

He speaks fluent English while begging and has a good knowledge of making a business deal. He calculates the profits from the money that he will receive and thinks like a perfect salesman. He determines the possibilities of receiving maximum money from different “parties”.


Listen to one of his techniques that makes him earn more money than any other beggar there. Moreover, he has a social message for you as well.

In the video posted on the social media, he is heard saying that he earns one thousand rupees in a single day. The most shocking reality here is that, he makes more than Rs. 30,000 through his strategic begging skills.


There are many more such examples of well-spoken beggars who try to make a living in Pakistan.




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