Even The British Make Grammar Mistakes In English. So Don’t Be Ashamed, Indians.

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7:10 pm 22 Apr, 2015


So you think that being their first language the British always get it right when they write English. And you, my fellow Indian, want to be as good as them when it comes to English. I am afraid, my friend, you are wrong!

The British are often very bad at grammar; so bad that an average VIII standard English-medium student in India can beat the most mature of native English speakers in their language. Don’t believe it? Here is an example:

The above is a political pamphlet of UKIP, one of United Kingdom’s major political parties. An English teacher found it so horrifyingly full of mistakes, she decided to take a red pen to it.


She marked each and every language error in the pamphlet.


And painstakingly took note of the spellings, too


This pamphlet is not a singular incident pointing at the monumental (and embarrassing) failure of the British. Because here are two more:



Yes, all the examples are in pamphlets of UKIP. But this does not mean that only UKIP has native English speakers with poor command on their language. Whatever, it has provided some good ammo for a UK heading to elections. (And a good laugh for us Indians.)

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