This User Pointed Out That The Queen Of England Subtly Trolled President Trump And We Completely Agree

5:05 pm 19 Jul, 2018


US President Donald Trump recently visited the UK and needless to say controversies followed him. Besides the news of Trump breaking the royal protocols, there were also other things that irked people. Not to forget his visit was met with large-scale protests from the citizens. Trump, not exactly known for his manners and etiquette, was under intense scrutiny over his behavior while visiting the Queen. Apparently, he didn’t fail to live up to the expectations and informally broke the royal etiquette.

We didn’t fail to notice while meeting the Queen he chose to wear a suit that wasn’t exactly as per the occasion. Being the president of the USA and one of the richest industrialists he could have done better. Moreover, the fact that he didn’t button his jacket became a point of talking.



Keeping that aside, there is something else that actually caught the attention of one of the netizens. She came up with a theory and we think she is right. So, what exactly is her point? Well, she pointed out that the Queen used her brooches to take a subtle dig at President Trump.



Trump’s visit was for three days. So, the first day the Royal lady chose a brooch that was gifted to her by then-president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama. It’s more than a piece of jewelry as it signified the Queen’s friendship with the Obamas.




On the second day, she gracefully chose a snowflake shaped brooch. Guess from where it was gifted? Canada! Considering the tiff between Trump and Canada it won’t be wrong to say he was less than impressed. Also, not to forget that the word ‘Snowflake’ is a classic Trump term that he uses for people who disagree with him.



As for the third day, this 92-year-old woman played her masterstroke. She chose a brooch that the Queen Mother wore to the funeral of King George VI. We certainly don’t need to point out that it’s not associated with happiness or joy.



Well, the user who pointed it out is a blogger with handle name ‘Bitch. STILL my superhero name.’ She made her points with a series of tweets. And, we absolutely think that she got the message that the Queen was trying to send with her choice of jewelry.



What do you think about Queen subtly trolling Trump?