16 Things All Engineers Go Through During College

Updated on 23 May, 2015 at 6:33 pm


Four years of endless crazy roller-coaster ride!!! An engineer never forgets his college days no matter what as each day in college has gifted them a new experience to cherish. So here’s 16 situations out of the many that an engineer goes through during college.

1. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

Your reaction when you are given an assignment or report.

2. A day before the deadline!

You have mastered in doing things at the last minute!

3. Few hours before the deadline!


You have also done PhD in procrastination.

4. A true engineer is an artist too.

When your fair notebook looks like this…you know it’s a masterpiece in itself!

5. Your faith in the almighty reaches the peak point a day before the results.

Trying to bribe the Gods, hoping that a hundred rupee note would save the day!

6. You just can’t write an exam without starting to prepare for it the day before!

Acquiring the unparalleled power of finishing a 500 page book while you took ages to read the entire newspaper!

7. The sex ratio in your class or even college is worse than the state of Haryana!

8. You have more exams than the days in a year!

Every other day the professor has to come up with some test or the other to make your already awesome and happening life even more happening! (sarcasm overloaded)

9. With an engineer’s degree comes great responsibilities!!

Almost all your family members suddenly start asking you to repair a broken fridge, TV, blender or any other household appliances since you are an “Engineer”. You are practically responsible for all the repair work at your home and the neighbourhood.

10. You kinda feel dyslexic when the professor is continuously busy writing some abstract formulas on the board.

After staying up the whole night trying to study this how you feel during lectures.

11. Expect the unexpected!

When nothing in the exam paper is even remotely related to what you studied in class or thought would be asked.

12. Miracles do happen at times!

Although you have no hopes of passing a test, you magically ace it and enjoy the “I did it” moment!!

13. Talk about plans to go out, hit the bar and party…damn it!!

When your arts and humanities friends talk about making plans to go out, hit the bar and party and you spent your last birthday in the lab…DAMN IT !!

14. Towards the end of the semester you realize that sleep is for the week and timid!

You almost turn into an insomniac as you normally stay up late at night studying, completing assignments and projects.

15. The never ending sub parts in the question paper!!

When you realize that the main questions in the question paper has a, b, c, d and never ending sub parts to it!

16. At the end you can’t really help it so you love what you do!


You actually love what you do and nothing in the world can change that.

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