Employees Of This Government Office In Bihar Wear Helmets Through The Entire Day At Work

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5:59 pm 19 Jul, 2017


In India, people struggle to get government jobs, but hardships for some of them do not end even after getting one. Such is the plight of officers working in a government office in Bihar.

There is a government office in Bihar where officials wear helmets for the entire day at work. And that is certainly not to keep themselves safe while trying out some stunts. It’s to save their heads from the plaster that keeps peeling off on its own and can fall on their heads at any time.

Employees in a government office in Bihar wear helmets at work SUNO


Employees of Areraj block-cum-circle office of Champaran district in Bihar wear helmets all the day at work so that their heads remain safe in case the damaged ceiling falls while they are in the office.

Two of the employees, Parvez and Lallan, said that the office is so severely broken down that the villagers coming to the office for any work are also scared of entering the premises. There have been incidents earlier when officials and villagers have been injured because of the falling ceiling.

Apart from the plaster of the ceiling that keeps falling every now and then, rain water also drips from the roof and keeps falling on the files and other documents kept in the office.

The building construction department declared this building void a year ago, but it appears that the senior officials are waiting for some significant mishap to occur before the much-needed repairs are carried out. And until then, the officials here have to resort to helmets as their only source of security.

Source- SUNO



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