10 Things We Did In Childhood That We’d Be Embarrassed To Do As Adults

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 3:56 pm

1. Buying the cheapest sweet

One rupee could get you 2 of these or 4 of those. It was never a tough decision to make: I’ll take 4 of those please.

2. Fighting with our friends publically

Is crying and accusing at the same time considered multitasking? If yes, we multi-tasked our little asses off.

3. Carrying polythene bags with weird shop names

Chunnulal’s Underwear Shop or Murli’s Blouj and Saree Fall shop. Who cared? We just need it to carry things.

4. Holding our crotches when we needed to pee

We also used to start wriggling around hoping it’d help us to control ourselves till we reached a bathroom.

5. Running around in our underwear

We felt no embarrassment to go buy bread and milk in our banyans and chaddis. We’d run out in a jiffy.

6. Crying in front of everyone

Who ever heard of holding back tears? We’d cry in shops, in stranger’s homes, on the roads – anywhere we felt like.

7. Being unable to hide our greed

The minute we’d have some favorite goodies in front of us, we stare at them unblinkingly and start to drool.

8. Pretending to wash our hands

I guess it just seemed like too much of a chore to wash our hands when there was food waiting to be eaten.

9. Scratching ourselves wherever

Armpits, butt, that one spot on our back – we had an itch, we scratched. We even used pencils to get the job done.

10. Eating something that fell on the floor

Hey! If we liked it, we ate it. If we felt it had become dirty, we brushed it with our hands or wiped it on our clothes. There, all clean!