Keep Your Mails Secure By Using Email Verification System

Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 12:14 pm


Websites that offer music, videos, e-books, discounts, etc. in accordance of your email is called subscribing to a newsletter. There are many websites in the internet which offer very lucrative offers that many of you can’t resist. But not everyone gives their original email address to avail them. Lots of people use fake email address to avoid getting emails from such websites. Now, if you’re running such websites, you should know how wasteful they are. This is the reason why the email verification is very important now-a-days. This also has large benefits.

Aids of using email verification system:

  1. Sending out mails to the relevant mail addresses costs money. But if that list size of yours is increased by fake emails, your bill may go sky high! To reduce this, you need to use tools which can enable you to save money by detecting and removing fake ids.
  2. The email verification system greatly increases your email sender reputation score. Because if you’re sending emails to lots of dud email addresses, your ISP degrade your email.
  3. Lots of ISPs blacklists such emails which are out of validation. If you have a lot of junk email in your list, you might have a chance to get blacklisted. Email verification system helps to get rid of such dud emails.

Using Email verification services you can identify abusive accounts, spam traps etc. It can also provide additional information regarding details about your subscribers.

Some of the services offered by the email verification service provider ZeroBounce are:

  1. Email bounce detection: It improves your deliver-ability by removing invalid emails from your list.
  2. Detection of abusive emails: You can check whether the previous emails are marked as spam or not. There are lots of people in the internet who would mark even reputed companies as spam that would demise the reputation of the company. An email verification service enables one to block such unique abusers.
  3. Detection of toxic domains: There are a lot of toxic domains in the internet who would use mask validity and states that the website is good. An email verification service uses a special algorithm which detects such domains and protects your firm reputation.
  4. Social append: Email verification services can verify and identify the emails with first and last name, age and location.
  5. Disposable email detection: The services can verify temporary email accounts used to mask real email addresses.
  6. Catch all domain detection: Email verification services can identify domains that are catch-all which return valid for all email.
  7. Email gender append: It can identify the gender of some emails.


So, before spending thousands of dollars in email marketing, make sure to check your email list and make it as optimized as you can. It can provide you with good and reliable results as it is proved to be one of the best verification systems out there.

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