On PM Modi’s Suggestion Google, Microsoft Might Soon Provide Email IDs In Regional Languages

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9:18 pm 2 Aug, 2016

India might soon have email addresses which is in regional languages, if the Indian government has its way.

According to reports, american tech giants Google, Microsoft and few homegrown providers like Rediff might soon provide email addresses that are in ‘desi language’ of one choice.



The suggestion for same was made by none other than prime minister Narender Modi.

PM Moodi even held a meeting last month, where he asked email service providers to enable users to ‘sign up for addresses in local languages’, starting with Hindi.


According to Rajiv Bansal, joint secretary, Ministry of Electronics and IT, the initiative would be taken up with ‘The Bharat Net project’ which plans to connect 250,000 Gram Panchayats through high-speed Internet.

The idea is to connect people, and give them facility that they are able to utilise when it reaches them.

Bansal explained that ‘an email address is required to access the most basic Internet services’ but not many people across India can actually type in or read English.


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The ministry thus contacted Google, Microsoft, and Rediff and together they have came up with the idea to come up with a technology that allows for email addresses in scripts such as Devanagari.

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