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15 Reasons Why Eloping Is Much Better Than A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Updated on 4 September, 2019 at 2:16 pm By

Elope if no one agrees to your marriage, and elope even when they do.


Indian weddings are big, fat, and a lot of show off, from which any regular couple in love, would seek respite. Why spend so much money to show other people that you are uniting in marriage? They may not even consider the occasion as sacred as you do. Most of them will just come over for a scrumptious meal or maybe just to flaunt their new dresses and jewelry.

So – Elope, run off, and here’s giving a list of reasons why it’ll be the best decisions you ever made:

1. The money you save can be spent on so many good things.

At Indian weddings, money flows like water – just the cost of dresses worn by the bride and the bridegroom goes into thousands. Then we have the wedding venue, which costs a few lakhs. And of course there are flowers, gifts, and mithais and so many other tit bits that empty our pockets. And all of it just to announce to the world that the two people tying the knot – not fair is it?


Spend this money on your honeymoon, invest it in your future, start a business together or simply put it away in the bank – it’s your money why waste it on others?

2. You can actually enjoy food and drinks at your wedding.

It’s always like this – the bride and groom get little to eat and drink on their wedding. But when you elope, the two of you can actually eat out to your heart’s content without a care in the world.



3. No more tears and tantrums.

Every Indian bedai demands the bride and her family members to cry their eyes dry. But eloping means you don’t cry and they don’t either. Albeit you can get emotional about taking the big step alone, and your family furious, but there will be no tears.




4. Say goodbye to stress of months that goes into organizing a wedding.

Weddings are synonymous with stress. The families of the bride and the groom spend months in shopping, selecting the right card, making the guest list, deciding about the number of functions, ceremonies and rituals to be conducted.


Eloping means no need to search for caterer, no halwais, no menu planning and nothing to make your folks sweat.

5. You’ll have better tales to tell your kids.

Think of what you’ll tell your kids about the wedding. Won’t it be more interesting to tell them how you guys fell in love, planned the eloping and make it come true? Moreover, you can also teach them how to take strong steps in life and take them for good.

Wedding tales


6. Eloping is a hell of adventure.

Eloping is going to be a crazy adventure, not completely immune of hassles and stress. Some fear, little trepidation. You’re worried about taking the big leap, after which you’ve got to face your parents as well as the society, which is quite a task in the Indian context. Doing it all secretly, getting help from friends, all of it is going to fall upon your shoulders.

But if it’s going to appear like this, it’s worth it –

7. No relatives and no wedding commentary.

Have you ever come across non-judgmental relatives? They’ll judge every aspect of the wedding – is the bride beautiful, is the groom rich, are their families compatible, what are the loopholes in the wedding, etc.

Wedding commentary


8. You’re both still partners for a lifetime.

Whether eloping or getting married the family way, the end result is that the two of you will still be together for a lifetime. Now, the choice is yours, whether you want to spend lavishly on ceremonies or keep it simple and happier.


Together for lifetime


9. The guy is actually serious about you, minus the social evils.

Eloping means the guy is not getting any dowry for sure. He’s not eligible for any other form of financial help from the girl’s family, and if he’s still willing to make you run, don’t stop. He truly loves you with no strings attached and should be loved and cared for, for just the same reasons.


Social evils


10. Get married in a pair of jeans and no one will question your choice.

Conventional weddings are a real pain for women – why? These weddings necessitate you to dress up in lavish suits and sarees and big necklaces, high heels and of course lots of makeup. Elope and get married in a pair of jeans and no one will question you. Even after the wedding, there will never be any compulsion for you to wear any chamkeli bhadkela.


11. Get married in a place out of the world.

Eloping becomes even more fun when you can actually go to the places you’ve always wanted to. Maybe you wished to get married by the beach, or on a mountain summit. It is all possible, now that you’re no longer spending money on wedding preparations and party.


12. Plan the most memorable honeymoon.

Eloping, as already mentioned saves a lot of money and it’s up to you to put it to the best use. One way of really using it to the right use is by planning an out of the world honeymoon. Check your budget and grab the chance to see what you’ve always wished to in the whole wide world.


13. You’ll know who your real friends are.

Only your closest friends are bound to accompany you to the court and support your decision. You’ll instantly know who is going to stand by you, and will not.


14. No over doze of rituals.

Rituals are no doubt an important representation of our culture, but marriages today carry an overdose of rituals. From pre-wedding kirtans and several rasams, the bride and groom have to follow a number of them during the wedding, and even post wedding these rituals don’t just get finished.


15. Show the “chaar log” it doesn’t really matter what they think or say.

Your wedding is not meant for those “char log” and eloping is just the best way to let the world know your intentions at that.





But, don’t just elope for the sake of it, let the decision be well thought out and one that you actually make for a lifetime. It’s cool, but do calculate the repercussions.


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