Take A Look At The Collection Of This Lingerie Enthusiast, Who Spends £2,600 On Lacy Outfits Every Year!

12:32 pm 9 Oct, 2018


Trust me, we all have addictions. There are people who like clothes, then there are people who like books and then there are people who have a knack for collecting dolls and coins and stuff. But never in my wildest of fantasies I could have ever imagined someone having an addiction of collecting underwears. 27-year-old Ellie Hatfull has an addiction of collecting underwears.

Apparently, Ellie spends more than £2,600 per year on her lingerie. She has a whole collection of lingerie. Around 150 sets, if you are curious. It seems that Ellie was interested in underwears since her childhood.




Well, everything has a reason behind it, and it seems that there’s a reason for her addiction too. It all started with her job which had a set parameter when it came to dress-up. The diva wore gorgeous lingeries with her casual outfits which she donned in the office.

An online portal quoted the diva as saying,

“No one would see it, but it would make me feel good to wear something that I knew was true to myself.



She further mentioned,

“Whenever I buy lingerie, including lounge wear and accessories, I incorporate them into my outerwear to get maximum value from every item.”



I think that there’s nothing wrong with having an addiction. After all, there is nothing wrong with doing something you like.

Take a look at some of the most gorgeous pics from the official Instagram handle of Ellie Hatfull:


That look!






That look again!



Beauty in white!



She looks fierce!



She looks sizzling!



Superhero/warrior princess!




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