Elephants Save Hundreds Of People That Were Stranded Due To Nepal Floods

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3:10 pm 16 Aug, 2017


Around 250 people have died in the last few days due to flooding and massive landslides that have wrecked some parts of northern India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

In Nepal, heavy monsoon rains have flooded hundreds of villages, leaving the residents abandoned.

Sauraha, a village in Nepal’s Chitwan District, is situated close to the Rapti River. During the havoc, Rapti river burst its banks in Sauraha, and around 600 people were left stranded as waters gushed in, shattering hotels and restaurants in the region.

Sauraha village is close to Chitwan National Park, where elephants and rhinos are present in abundance.

Now, those elephants are a huge part of the rescue mission. They have successfully rescued more than 500 people.



Here is a glimpse of how elephants are rescuing people in Nepal.