After Losing In MP For 14 Years, Congress Discovers That Vaastu Dosh Is The Reason Behind Its Defeat

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2:18 pm 17 Jul, 2017


Since the last 14 years, the Congress party has not won even a single state election in Madhya Pradesh and the party seems to have discovered the reason behind it.

Neither is it a faulty campaign strategy, nor a flawed political endeavor. The reason behind such a prolonged failure of the Congress party in the state of Madhya Pradesh is nothing else but a Vaastu dosh in Indira Bhavan, the party headquarters of the state — that is a fault in construction as per the rules of Vaastu.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi with party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi IndiaToday


After surveying the entire building, an expert of Vaastu has informed the party that the restrooms of all the office-bearers on the third floor face the wrong direction and they should be fixed. Also, there are some issues with the water tank which need to be corrected and the building needs to be painted.


NDTV reports that KK Mishra, the chief spokesperson of Congress for the state of Madhya Pradesh, said that they needed public support to displace BJP in the next election but the party also seeks “divine intervention”.

Talking further, party leader said that the building has a Vaastu dosh. The politician went on to say that he wasn’t someone who will consider it “wrong” but the party believes in “religion”.

But seeing a leader of BJP coming to the defense of Congress party over this matter is even more surprising. Dr. Hitesh Bajpai, a spokesperson of BJP said,

I don’t think this is superstition, these are all Vedic sciences, but they are deep rooted exercises. I don’t think this is going to benefit Congress. They will have to come clean on their character first.

Out of a total of 231 seats in Madhya Pradesh, Congress, at the moment, occupies only 58, and seems to have finally figured out the mantra for its much delayed success in the state — correcting the wrong directions of toilets, and water tank and getting the building painted!



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