Ekta Kapoor Slammed People Who Said Sridevi Died Because Of Anti-Aging Drugs And Plastic Surgeries

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3:47 pm 26 Feb, 2018


Indian cinema lost a legend when Sridevi took her last breath in Dubai. As per the reports, the actress lost her life to cardiac arrest. Her closed ones revealed that the actress never had any history of heart disease and this gave people an opportunity to spread rumors. We all know that Sridevi underwent a number of plastic surgeries and facelift treatments. There has been a lot of talk about Sridevi’s lip job that went wrong and made her face several issues.


As soon as the news of Sridevi’s death went viral, people started claiming that the actress died due to anti-aging drugs overdose and plastic surgeries. Many even claimed that the actress used to take slimming drugs and this could be one reason behind her sudden demise.


People even started circulating a long WhatsApp message claiming that the actress died due to plastic surgeries and everyone should be aware of this. Here’s what the message says:

“While we are all mourning the untimely demise of Sridevi, it is important to remember why this may have happened to her. society demanded that she stay slimmer/look younger than a 40 year old, 50 year old and plus 50 woman needs to be–hence, the continuous surgeries. when i met her about 5 years ago, she was beautiful but a sad version of that self that we loved so much in a movie like Chandni. What a lot of pressure to keep her weight down, to make sure that her face had no wrinkle lines….continuous clinic visits in Southern California. as a friend of mine, Dipanwita Basu wrote this morning…do we need a #metoo movement in fashion, #notsize0? Milan has already implemented this but these patriarchical implants were in her head — the husband, who claimed to love her so much should have intervened, did he love the way she looked as his arm candy more than he loved her? She herself did not trust in her own beauty — she was a clothes horse for whoever would care to dress her. What i conclude is she had such a lack of love for oneself and such a lack of self esteem that her own lips didn’t suffice, her own face was not good enough, her flesh and blood had to be sucked out of her so that she could wear the best of couture. that is the sadness of a life that could have been lived so much better not just for her but for her daughters. what a terrible legacy for her girls.”




After seeing all the discussion taking place on social media and fake reports about Sridevi’s death making rounds on the internet, Ekta Kapoor couldn’t stop herself and slammed them with a befitting tweet. She even urged people not to believe such fake reports.



Keeping the sensitivity of the matter in their mind, people should understand that spreading rumors about the dead is not a good thing to do. Do you think the same? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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