Eight Photos Of ‘Mohra’ Actress Poonam Jhawar That Are Too Hot To Handle

3:12 pm 16 Nov, 2017


If you are a big Bollywood buff then chances are that you must have seen the cult 90s film ‘Mohra’ starring Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon and Naseeruddin Shah. Yes, it is the same film that featured the classic Bollywood hit ‘Tu cheez badi hai mast mast’. Amid all the star-studded affair, there was yet another actress in the film, who was seen romancing Sunil Shetty in the song ‘Na Kajre Ki Dhaar’. We are talking about actress Poonam Jhawar.

Poonam romancing Sunil Shetty in ‘Mohra’. Jansatta


While Raveena Tandon went on to make headlines after this film and is still a much-known actress, somehow Poonam Jhawar was lost amid the waves of new talents soon after. However, she made her mark as a model later on.



Despite becoming a model, Poonam was absconding from the Bollywood glitz and glamour for many years before making a comeback by posting sensational photographs of herself on Facebook.

Although she was always quite beautiful, the credit for sudden change in her looks goes to plastic surgery. Doesn’t she look ravishing in the photograph?


Media reports suggest that Poonam has not only undergone facial surgery but also skin upliftment surgery.

Recently, Poonam was also invited at a program, where apparently people couldn’t lift their eyes off this beautiful woman.

There is hardly any resemblance between Poonam now and Poonam in the film ‘Mohra’. Jansatta


Although Poonam is not really making headlines for her films but she is quite active on social media. In fact, it won’t be wrong to portray her as a social media sensation!


Look at these pictures, aren’t they just super hot? Do you find any resemblance between this hot lady and the one seen decades ago in the film ‘Mohra’?

She is the newest internet sensation and is known for posting bold photographs on Facebook. Jansatta


Unarguably she looks much prettier and more vivacious (and, of course, sexier) in her new avatar. We cannot simply stop admiring her beauty.

Although she left acting in films, she continued to rule as a top model. Jansatta


If you remember, she was last seen in Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Oh My God’, where she acted in the role of a god mother.



Do you find her beautiful, too? Leave a comment if you think Poonam should make a comeback in films once again.

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