While Women Are Fasting On Karva Chauth For Their Husbands, This Lady Is Showing The True Meaning Of Marriage

4:06 pm 27 Oct, 2018


Marriage is not a fairy tale. It is not a fairy tale because it is even a better story where you create the magic yourself. True, it takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work and everyone wants their partner to live forever. Fuelled by that thought, people often engage in different things. Certainly, in India, one of those activities is Karva Chauth. It’s a day when married women keep fast for their husband’s long life. On this day let us tell you the tale of an Egyptian woman who carries her husband on her back.

The lady named Heba is carrying her husband on her back for past 5 years. Why? It’s because he is ill and unable to move anywhere by himself.




Quite lovingly, it is his wife who took charge of his health to ensure that he lives a life not surrounded by misery.

Hoba’s husband lost his ability to move after suffering from kidney failure. He also suffers from Hepatitis B and C besides other ailments. Hence she stepped up her game as a partner to became the Egyptian woman who carries her husband on her back.



Continuous carrying of another human weight for five years has its own implications. She is now suffering from a spine injury. The doctors told her not to lift anything heavy. However, her answer to that will certainly melt your heart. She said:

“I don’t carry anything heavy, I carry my husband”

Can there be anything more loving and supporting? For me, this is what companionship looks like. She is there for him in health and in sickness.



Naturally, she is greeted with curious looks every time they are outside. However, she simply doesn’t care about what others think. She carries him up and down the stairs too.

However, this is not all. Now, she is also the only earning member of the family. To keep up with the costs, she has taken the job of collecting certain things from dumpsters. She is someone who serves as the perfect example of being a strong human being and companion.

When the story of the Egyptian woman who carries her husband on her back went viral then people came forward to donate a wheelchair for her husband. So that she can get some relief.




This simple yet amazing lady never once complained about the hurdles in her life. On the contrary, she shows her gratefulness to those who offer her help in carrying her husband at times. Isn’t that the true sign of an amazing human being?

And you know the most beautiful part of this story? Though Heba’s husband wants her to get a divorce to live her life in peace, she refuses. She simply decided to be with him because of love. Isn’t that companionship in marriage is all about?



If you got emotional reading her story, then this video will certainly make you teary-eyed.



Naturally, the netizens couldn’t stop themselves from giving emotional replies and praising the lady. Here is what they said:









What do you think about this Egyptian woman who carries her husband on her back?

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