Edible Cutlery Is Another Example Of ‘Innovative India’

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6:17 pm 17 Mar, 2016


In 2011 Narayana Peesapathy founded Bakey Food Pvt Ltd. just to replace plastic cutlery. This innovative concept started spreading in India rapidly.

A greasy spoon in a hotel made Peesapathy think about the concept and motivated him to start with his idea.



He wanted to create a market for millet, which would move farmers away from rice that needs more water.

He opened the door for many poor people to earn a wage. His project employed women from poorer sections of society. Increase in farming of millet and their direct contact with farmers will drastically decrease the edible cutlery’s price. That will help them to flourish.



You can eat with it and later just eat it. It tastes good and is nutritious with no added chemicals.

We all know the cancerous, unhygienic and non-environmental friendly issues that come along with plastic cutlery. Whereas this edible cutlery is absolutely safe and easy to decompose.




They have made forks, chopsticks, spoons etc. and look forward for its wide acceptance. Till now over 1.5 million of Bakeys edible cutlery have been sold.



The cutlery is available in sweet to salty flavors. Added masala flavors are available as well. So go ahead and choose your cutlery as per your taste.



Check the video to understand the whole concept:


Video Credit: Better India