This Mobile Home, That Uses Renewable Energy, Might Solve The Housing Problem

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12:45 pm 1 Jun, 2015


An egg-shaped, super-compact capsule designed for a sustainable camping life could, in the near future, be a solution to the world’s housing problem.

Created by Nice Architects, a Slovakian engineering firm, this unique mobile home is named Ecocapsule and measures just 2.55 m x 4.45 m x 2.25 m.


The most interesting feature of this capsule is that it is entirely self-sufficient; it uses renewable energy for necessary amenities such as lighting and water.


Weighing just 1500 kg, it has a retractable 750W wind turbine and 2.6 sq-mtrs of strategically placed solar panels. A 9,744 watt-hours battery can store energy for a rainy day. An incineration unit stores heat inside the capsule for comfortable stay during the winter season.



The distinctive shape of the capsule helps it store rainwater, which is processed through an attached filter to remove bacteria.


Nice Architects claim that it can comfortably house two adults. The pod has a toilet (which can compost human waste), a shower, a kitchen, foldable bed, table, and storage space.


There is no word on the price yet, but the official website lists the shipping cost of the pod between select destinations.

Ecocapsule was displayed at the Pioneers Festival held in Vienna, Austria, last week. It will be on display at the Slovak national pavilion at Expo 2015.



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