10 Places In India Where You Can Enjoy A Peaceful And Eco-friendly Diwali

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Updated on 6 Nov, 2015 at 6:08 pm


Festivals are being positively affected by the new environmentally viable vision of the masses in India. Diwali had taken the shape of a polluting massacre in recent times which led to the rise of a conscious group of people wanting to alter the celebrations into a more eco-friendly extravaganza. Here we list the top 10 places in India where you can celebrate a warm yet peaceful Diwali.


1. Jaipur

Diwali in Jaipur is world renowned for the reason that the city gets beautifully bathed in lights. The vicinity of the fort in Jaipur offers a very splendid sight of the city. The noise is all set below and all you experience is the peace and joy of the festival.



2. Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand being partly a hilly area celebrates a calm Diwali with minimal crackers and therefore lesser pollution. The festivity is mostly comprised of making sweets and other delicacies along with different types of decorations in the houses.


3. Kovalam, Kerala

Kerala has the legend of Krishna destroying the demon Narakasura backing the celebrations of Diwali. The Hindus wake up as early as 3 AM and take an oil bath before getting dressed in new clothes and enjoying the occasion with their families.


4. Amritsar, Punjab

If you are in Amritsar on Diwali, you must visit the Golden Temple in the evening. The temple premises and the building itself are decorated in an extremely beautiful manner with lights hanging all over and diyas being lit by devotees.


5. Goa

When it comes to celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali, Goa does not lag behind. The beach state of Goa is charged with the vibe of the occasion, yet there are very few crackers burst. You can enjoy a peaceful and fresh Diwali at any of the beaches in Goa.


6. Odisha

Diwali in Odisha is different from that celebrated throughout the country. People call the spirits of their ancestors by lighting a lamp inside an earthen pot which is tied to a pole. The pole is then erected in front of the house. Many such lanterns are seen lined up in front of the houses.


7. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has always been a very peaceful and composed state when it comes to celebrations like these. Diwali in the hill state of Shimla is also celebrated in the same manner. With very few tourists around, you can enjoy the onset of winters with camp fire parties and light music.


8. Bengaluru, Karnataka

The city of Bengaluru is a hub of the intellectual cream of the country. The people are very aware of the fact that the pollutants released on Diwali are harmful for the environment. This is why a majority of the people in the city have started celebrated an eco-friendly Diwali.


9. Pune, Maharashtra

Though Mumbai is seen to have one of the most polluting Diwalis, yet Pune is a more peaceful and calmer place to celebrate the occasion. The festivity is more or less the same but you can easily escape the louder Diwali of Mumbai by going to this place.


10. Gangtok, Sikkim

Diwali is an important festival of the north-east as well. The celebrations are usual and similar to the ones in other parts of the country. The only difference here is that people are conscious about the polluting side-effect of the festivity and are more inclined towards celebrating a peaceful Diwali.



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