These 28 Images Will Make You Realise How Tiny We Are Before The Universe

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2016 at 7:26 pm


The Universe is beautiful, mysterious and unfathomable. But can you imagine how vast it is and where do we fit in this Universe?

1. This is our home on Earth.



2. And here is Earth.



3. We travel some distance away from Earth.



4. We go farther and farther away.



5. Till we reach the inside edge of the solar system.



6. Farther away from the Sun, we reach the outer edge.



7. And here is our Solar System like a tiny ball.



8.  And then we see it as a small grain.



9. Till it looks like an insignificant dot.



10. Then it appears like a molecule.



11. Before getting lost in the cosmic cloud.



12. In fact, this is what we see when we zoom out even farther.



13. A little more zooming out and even the clouds become hazy.



14. Forget about the solar system, you can’t make out anything here!



15. We are now travelling over a cosmic world full of solar systems, stars and planets.




16. Notice that the section in which our solar system is has disappeared.



17. We are now outside our galaxy.



18. And we are travelling farther away from it.



19. Then we spot another galaxy.



20. And another. There are billions of solar systems in these galaxies.



21. This is one supercluster.



22. Each supercluster has many galaxies.



23. The farther we go, more superclusters appear.



24. And then everything becomes indescribable.



25. Each group of dots here are superclusters. Imagine the numbers of planets.



26. Is there not a possibility of this?




27. It looks like a mosaic of stars.



28. And this is what we know as our Universe.




Now make a journey of millions of light years.