Google Translate App Trolled Flat-Earthers By Doing This, And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

1:16 pm 1 Jun, 2018


Earth is sphere shaped. Period! Thinking why we are emphasizing on this well-known fact? It’s because there are some who still believes that our beautiful planet isn’t a sphere. They think that Earth is flat! There are individuals who identify themselves as ‘Modern flat Earth societies.’ Backed by pseudoscience and religious literalism, they are adherent believers of this theory. Furthermore, the notion is increasingly advocated by people from all over the world through social media.



Before knowing how Google trolled the believers, let’s take you through some of the other things they believe. We promise it will be your laughter dose for the day.



Satellites do not exist, the images are fabricated.



Earth is protected by an impenetrable dome that keeps our planet safe.



Antarctica is not a continent but a thick wall of ice that surrounds us.





Gravity is a myth!



Australia is not real! All the proof of its existence including flora, fauna, and humans are well-articulated lies.



Now that you have got a gist of the mindset of those who believe Earth is flat, it won’t be hard for you to laugh at Google’s savagery. When people started typing ‘I am a flat-earther’ in English in Google translate and selected French translation, then this appeared:



For those of us whose French is restricted to fries, this is what it means:


This Easter egg by Silicon Valley giant quickly became viral. However, soon a spokesperson from the company came up with the truth behind the incident. Google claimed that it wasn’t trying to troll flat-Earth believers but the incident happened due to a glitch. This is what he said:

“Translate works by learning patterns from many millions of examples of translations seen out on the web. Unfortunately, some of those patterns can lead to incorrect translations. The error has been reported and we are working on a fix.”

Even if we go by Google’s explanation then the French speakers actually think that those who believe Earth is flat are crazy. What do you think?