Historians Find Earliest Astronomical Observatory From India; Asks Government To Protect It

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1:11 am 25 Oct, 2016

Historians and archaeologists claimed that they have discovered the earliest astronomical observatory from India or may be even from South Asia, which dates back to 5000 BC.

Bangalore Mirror reported that the observatory was found in Mudumal village in Telangana.

A team of archaeologists from Korea, involving professors from a university, will be visiting the site in December to ascertain the veracity of the discovery, according to officials of Telangana Archaeology Department

The site has around 80 big menhirs as tall as 12 to 14 feet, and about 2000 alignment stones of about 1-2 feet high.

K Pulla Rao, who has been researching the site for over 11 years and is also a history professor at the Hyderabad Central University, explains,”These menhirs, alignments and stone circles are spread out in about 80 acres of land. The central portion contains the maximum concentration of Menhirs. Though some have fallen, they still remain in situ.”

No other site in India has so many menhirs concentrated at one place, claim the historians and archaeologists.



The ‘Sky Map’ depicting the Ursa Major constellation was noticed on a stone found amidst the stone circles.

“The other menhirs scattered in the fields and exhibiting archaeo-astronomical features need protection from further damage,” says Dr. Pulla Rao.

State archaeology director Visalakshi will soon ask the government to protect the site.

Visalakshi will also submit a report to the government early this week highlighting the need for the same. The officials also feel the need to acquire some private land for protection of the site and to make it a tourist site.

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