Writer Durjoy Datta Wins Hearts As He Takes To Twitter To Propose To His Girlfriend

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5:30 pm 23 Feb, 2016

Writers have a way with words. And Durjoy Datta has a way with women’s hearts.

However, this time, he has decided to break all our hearts at once.



As if this wasn’t enough of a heart-breaker, this writer is doing it in a way which is clearly a bummer for those cliched bended knee proposals.

Durjoy posted a humble request to his fans to ask Avantika to marry him. He unabashedly asked them to spam his Twitter timeline with #marrymeavantika while Avantika was far away from the Internet, on a flight.

And there the Internet broke!


If you ask why propose live on Twitter, well, he’s a little too shy. He did try to do it the cliched way. But:


In fact, if you’re thinking of a dream proposal on a vacation, let me tell you, this too didn’t work. Writers!


So he decided to get his fans do this for him. We can’t even imagine the utter delight Avantika is going to have when her flight finally lands.

And if we thought PDAs are only for Ranveer Singh, we were proved wrong!


How adorable will you get, boy?


And this boy is indeed giving her every possible reason to say a YES!

Mom and Dad – Check!


His friends – Check!


Her friends – Check!


Nephew – Check!


I think he’s one hell of a story-maker. He knows how to build the anticipation and kill the audience with curiosity.


Here, he got us waiting as desperately as himself.

Avantika Mohan, Come!


After a much-anticipated frenzy of tweets and wishes, finally Avantika said a YES!


Oh Durjoy, let’s turn this proposal into a novel already!

Durjoy Datta, you have given given us proposal goals this time.



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