Durjoy Datta Is Giving Us New-Age, Chilled-Out ‘Honeymoon Goals’

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4:47 pm 25 Mar, 2016


After giving us major ‘Proposal Goals’ with #marrymeavantika on Twitter, writer and teenage heartthrob Durjoy Datta tied the knot in one of the most romantic and splendid ways.


Today, when we shy away from cliched weddings and cheesy honeymoons, Durjoy’s Instagram is showing us how a honeymoon can be as fun and chilled out as we want it to be.


Apparently, Durjoy and Avantika were stuck in Dubai Airport without the transit visa. Resorting to an instant, last-moment Plan B, Avantika booked tickets to Dar Es Salam, Tanzania where Indians can get a Visa on arrival.

And look, aren’t they the most chilled-out honeymoon couple ever?


And even though their initial plans only consisted of them lazing around the beach at Zanzibar, they eventually landed in the lap of Mt Kilimanjaro.


And Durjoy looked smokin’ hot posing right in the middle of barren, cold rocks.

Sigh, he’s on a honeymoon, ladies!

I refuse to accept it as a Honeymoon picture!




The back-breaking trek was followed by an exotic, relaxed stay at Zanzibar.


Read the caption.

He is totally changing my mind about marriages.


But be it an author or a scientist – one damn day, you become a husband.

And that very day, you become the official photographer for her hot, candid moments!


And just like any other vacation hangover, the two are back from the serene waters of Tanzania to Juhu Beach, feeling pretty awful about it.

Durjoy, we know the feels. #mainnahinkhelraha is so apt!


If this how fairy tales take flight, who’d really miss out on bachelorhood?

*hunting for Mr Durjoy*