11 Things That Let Us Know Durga Puja Is Around The Corner

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Updated on 21 Oct, 2015 at 10:19 pm


Mahalaya marks the beginning of Durga Puja. Durga Puja begins seven days from Mahalaya. It heralds the good times and festivities that mostly begin from this day onward, this day is very special and auspicious for every Bengali.

While Mahalaya signifies the onset of pujas, there are certain other things as well that every Bengali associates with the biggest festival of the community. From flowers, to crowds on streets, to clay idols – everything just builds up to the excitement that Bengalis love to term as Durgostav. You surely will agree with the pictures below, as those are the things which will tell you that Durga Puja is round the corner.


1. Kash phool will bloom


A special flower that blooms in Bengal during October, the time for Bengali’s greatest festival – Durga Puja.


2. The night flowers (shiuli phool) will flower

These are other flowers that set the arrival of Durga Puja.


3. Kumortuli and clay idols make an appearance

Making of these clay idols starts when Durga Puja is near. Amazing art and creativity can be see during this time of the month.



4. Sweets will tempt you

Different types of desserts and sweets take over the market. The fragrance of freshly made jalebis will make you realize that Vijay Dashami is coming.



5. Pujo Shonkha (special editions of journals and magazines) appear

It has every information you need during Vijay Dashami.



6. Construction of pandals starts

Have you ever done pandal hopping? Yes, people do this during puja. They roam around the city to check out other pandals.


7. Food and lots of food is everywhere

Well festivals are favorites because of the special dishes.


8. Maddening crowds greet you wherever you go

You will find the whole city jammed because of the unbelievable crowd out for shopping and other purposes.

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9. Puja themed advertisements

You will see glimpses of Durga Puja everywhere and in almost everything.



10. Birendra Krishna Bhadra’s timeless chants will be on the radio on the morning of Mahalaya. And tarpan to our forefathers

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11. There will be lighting on the streets

The streets, in fact the whole city, starts sparkling way before Durga Puja’s arrival




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