Why It’s Hard To Resist The Beauty Of Bengali Bombshells During Durga Puja

5:28 pm 18 Oct, 2018


The spirit of Durga Puja is high! Besides the gorgeous pandals and delicious foods, there is also something else that captures the attention of people, especially guys! Yes, we are talking about the Bong bombshells. No, I am not trying to objectify the women here but there is no denying the fact that the bongo lolonas never fail to make your heart skip a beat.

Carrying their red and white signature sarees, they certainly look absolutely gorgeous. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the images of beautiful Bengali ladies during Durga Puja. Also, let us tell you the amazing things that will certainly distract you.




With a killer smile and traditional attire, she can steal your heart for sure!



When grace meets beauty then you can’t help but have a crush.



From East to South, she can rock dresses from any place. Certainly, that charm is hard to resist.



She is not fearful to give a modern twist to a traditional saree. Indeed, that boldness is unavoidably attractive.



Bong ladies mix traditions and modernity flawlessly. How can that not charm you?



Though she usually carries a subtle look but her makeup game is spot-on too.



The mixture of brains and beauty in Bengali women is absolutely seductive. Do you differ?




Are you going wow? Certainly, you are distracted by the beauties who dons subtle attires yet looks absolutely stunning. In conclusion, it’s indeed impossible not to get carried away by the Bengali beauties. What do you think?

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