20 Photos Of Durga Idol Making That Will Make You Appreciate The Work Of Artisans

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5:00 pm 20 Oct, 2015


Bengalis love celebrating Durga Puja with fun, laughter, ornaments, dresses and food. But the most prominent highlight of any Durga Puja is the dazzling and impressive idols of the mother goddess in pandals strewn across the state and beyond.

The artisans who make these idols have been in this business for a long time now. And by virtue of their artistic prowess, the idol makers have moved from simple statutes to almost life-like sculptures. I have tried to bring some illustration of idol making of Mahishasurmardini, right from the clay modulation to the formation of the Devi.

1. The basic process of idol making of Goddess Durga begins with the figurine of the deity made from hay.


 2. Then clay or specially made mud is used on the hay figurine.



3. Right from collecting mud, the entire process of making idol is considered extremely sacred.


4. Every artisan at Kumortuli is busy throughout the year in making idols.


5. Kolkata specialises in preserving the age-old traditions of making clay idols.


6. Idols of the goddess are made to commemorate triumph of good over evil.


7. Kumortuli boasts of the presence of more than 100 women artisans other than around a thousand men.


8. Colours of many shades are prepared especially for the idols.


9. The idols of Durga are made with so much care that they appear like life-like when completed.


10. The idol of goddess is often prepared as a separate part, with each part combined later.


11. The general view of Kumortuli.


12. Artisans specialise in idol-making of goddess Durga and this quality runs in their blood!


13. The perfectly formed silent yet blameless looks of Durga Ma.


14. Coloring the eyes of goddess Durga calls for great patience and care. It appears as if the artiste has donated his own eyes.


15. The real picture behind making of the perfectly sculpted Mahishasurmardini.


16. Proud to see such artisans making better idols year after year even though their financial status remains the same.


17. Their work is so flawless that they can be called the ‘God Makers of Kumortuli’.


18. These artisans uphold the legacy of making Devi Ma every year.


19. With the swift moves of their figures, the artisans work on giving the finishing touches to Durga.


20. And finally, the Devi is adorned with a beautiful saree and ornaments.



So people, gear up for the celebration as Ma Durga is here! Wish you all a happy and prosperous Durga Puja.



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