Durex Mocks Indian Rupee’s Recent Slump Below The 69 Mark In This Epicly Humorous Post

12:00 pm 1 Jul, 2018

Durex is the registered name for a range of condoms originally produced by the United Kingdom based company SSL International. And it is currently owned by Anglo-Dutch consumer product giant Reckitt Benckiser. Also, the history of this condom brand goes back to the establishment of the London Rubber Company in the year 1915.

The brand ‘Durex’ was first launched in 1929. According to reports, the name stands for three aspects, namely- durability, reliability, and excellence. It is one of the top-selling condom brands in the world. But that’s not all that they are famous for. Besides this, Durex is also widely known for its humorous social media advertisements.


Thee brand logo. Source


The company has a very cunning marketing segment which creates memes relating to current affairs while promoting the brand. Let’s have a look at some of the witty social media ads posted on the company’s Twitter handle.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the short video Durex tweeted to wish its customers a ‘Happy Holi’ this year:



Also, they congratulated cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma through this tweet, have a look:



In its bid to add some lightness to a serious global health concern i.e. AIDS, Durex tweeted this on the World Aids Day:


In keeping with there tradition of wishing newly married couples, they posted this for Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja:



They did not let the recent thunderstorm scare in North India go to waste either. Here is what they suggested people should do to keep safe from the storms.



Finally, how could they not put a play on the FIFA fever:



And the latest current affair the brand mocked is the Indian rupee’s recent slump. On June 28, 2018, the Indian rupee crossed its mark of 69 and touched an all-time low at 68.46.

The brand staying true to its marketing model was quick to capitalize on the issue. They published this dig at Rupee’s performance on their Twitter handle:



In the light of the recent restrictions on the airtime of visual ads for condoms, this is an impeccable way to create new space for advertising.

Twitterati also seemed impressed by the company’s quick wit. Here are a few response tweets:


Nailed it!



Love the concept.



Can’t stop laughing.



The brand’s marketing team clearly has an amazing sense of humor. And an even better sense of advertising for keeping things current and relatable.