Durex India Wished Happy Children’s Day In A Smart Way And People Trolled Them Like A Boss

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11:47 pm 15 Nov, 2017


Creativity is an art and today, advertisement campaigns are sometimes more engrossing than a two-hour film That is because they have something unique that holds our attention instantly. The condom brand, Durex, is the master of it.

Durex has always come up with brilliant ads with a powerful message. Their campaigns never objectified women, and still, they could advertise their products smartly and progressively.


As Durex advertises their products creatively during festivities, surprisingly, this time on the children’s day, their ad was awesome AF. They showed a bow tie in red color which possibly conveyed that one needs to be a man before one wears a condom.

This is what they had tweeted,

Though the ad sent an amazing message, people didn’t appreciate it because it came from a condom brand and hence, criticised it.

This is how Twitterati disagreed with this promotion:

Quite an irony.

Too hot to handle?

Durex hinders creation?


No boy, you just didn’t get the point.

Behind the enemy lines.