New Version Of DuckTales Theme Song Will Fill You With Nostalgia

1:42 pm 15 Sep, 2018


Did you grow up watching cartoons on Doordarshan on weekends? Well, then you’ll definitely remember DuckTales. The amazing cartoon made its debut on television in 1987 and ran for a mere 100 episodes. But it definitely felt like a lifetime worth of cartoon and fun moments. From the time it first featured on television to date, it has brought a smile to the faces of many kids. Even now when we talk about it, we are sure you are smiling with a feeling of nostalgia.

Well then, what if we tell you that Disney India is planning to revive the series once again. Yes, it is true. In fact, the work on the cartoon has already begun in full swing.



As per reports, a new and revised version of the title track is ready. But before we talk more about this new track, let’s reminisce in the old one for a moment.

Check out the original title track for DuckTales below:



And now for the new theme song, do you know who has sung the new track? Well, let us inform you that it’s none other than the very talented Shaan Mukherjee. But wait, the singer did not do this alone. Shaan’s 13YO son Shubh has also participated in singing the title track for DuckTales.




Shaan seems to be super excited to be a part of this new venture. Here is what the singer reportedly said about his new engagement:

“I am a huge fan of the original series and really happy that a new generation of kids, including my son, will have the opportunity to grow up with ‘DuckTales’. The title sequence absolutely complements the sense of adventure and excitement of the show and it was fun recording the Hindi version; especially because I could share the experience with my son Shubh.”



Check out the new theme song sung by Shaan and Shubh Mukherjee here:



After listening to this track, we are super excited about the revived series. As per reports, the show will be telecast on the Disney India channel from October 1, 2018.