Dubai Is A City Where Fast Cars Are A Garbage Problem. Check These Abandoned Cars To Believe

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Updated on 24 Apr, 2014 at 12:27 pm


Every city in the world has its own civic problem but Dubai has a problem unique to it – fast cars lying around. The city, a bustling emirate of the United Arab Emirates, often stands witness to abandoned fast cars at airports or other places. But this problem has not arisen out of an excess but out of recess. Due to the global economic slowdown, many wealthy expats who owned these cars were forced to just let go of the beautiful wheeled dames. Why don’t they simply sell-off? Because with the meltdown came great debt crises for the owners, who had time enough to flee rather wait for an unlikely buyer. So, here is a problem of Ferraris, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes et al.

1. When a Mercedes gathers dust


Image credit: Danny McL

2. A Ferrari turns into a scribble pad



Image credit: Didi Paterno

3. Why in the hell is this here!


Image credit: Nigel S

4. Looks like doomsday for this beauty


Image credit: MickyMazda

5. Who wants to take this for a ride?


Image credit: Eccentric M

6. An out of range rover


Image credit: Benoit Pinon

7. A peek of a former queen



Image credit: Petes–travels

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