Delhi University Cut 38 Trees For A Reason That Is Unbelievable

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12:18 pm 5 Dec, 2015


While Delhi is battling with high levels of air pollution, the Delhi University’s (DU) Electronics Science Department has cut around 38 trees without taking permission from the Delhi forest department.

In the notice issued to the University, the forest department stated that an alleged ‘tree offence’ has been committed inside the South Campus.





The reason? According to sources, the trees were cut for the vertical extension of the department building.

Calling it as a rumour, Rajinder Singh, Delhi University Engineer,  said, “Cutting bushes is not equivalent to cutting trees. We are aware of the rules and regulations of the forest department and we know they are vigilant.”

He added that he has not received the notice.

Under Delhi Preservation of Tress Act (DPTA) 1994, if a tree offence is committed by an organisation, the organisation as well as every person in charge shall be  liable to be prosecuted against and punished accordingly.


An eye-witness to the incident and an RTI activist, Raj Paswan, said, “On 24 November, while passing through South Campus, I saw people cutting trees. Later, I complained about it to the concerned authority.”


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The HIndu

The officials of university have been asked to appear by 9 December 2015.