100 Professors Go On Hunger Strike To Demand The Release of Dr GN Saibaba

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5:43 pm 9 May, 2015


On May 9, 2014, an outrageous incident happened at premises of Delhi University North Campus. The university professor G.N. Saibaba, who is 90 percent disabled, was abducted by Maharashtra Police for alleged ‘Naxalites links.’ It’s been one year today but Dr Saibaba has not been granted bail despite the fact that his health is deteriorating day by day.

According to ‘The Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr GN Saibaba’, his plea for bail was rejected thrice.


To save the life of Dr Saibaba and demand his immediate release, around 100 professors on Saturday from Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU), DU, Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI) and other universities, sat on a one-day hunger strike.



The Committee said that due to inhumane and vindictive attitude of the police and prison authorities and lack of proper facilities at the prison, Dr Saibaba has been diagnosed with a bent spinal cord resulting in rib crowding and his lungs are getting affected.

Being a heart patient, the troubles with his heart have further compounded and he needs to undergo an angiography, the post-recovery of which can be fatal in the prison stay.


Recently, Dr Saibaba went on five-day hunger strike at the Nagpur Central Jail to protest mistreatment. According to the committee, despite his fragile health, prison authorities refuse to shift him to a hospital. He  continues to stay in an isolation ward with little medical provisions.


The supporters of Saibaba demand that he be allowed to face trial as guaranteed under Section 437 of the Cr.pc. without undergoing imprisonment (being a disabled person) no matter what the charges maybe.



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