10 Misconceptions People Have About Delhi University Life

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5:34 pm 3 Sep, 2015

Life at Delhi University has been much talked about. It’s vibrant, happening and most wanted. Every time a 12th standard student talks about it, their eyes sparkle with excitement and frenzy. They find it glamorous to say the least.

However, it comes with it a lot of misconceptions and stigmas attached. DU girls, DU studies, DU life, DU teachers.. Wait up! Let’s clear the air before your apparent facts heap up!


1. North Campus and South Campus

First things first. Delhi University has two strategically located campuses. Even though North Campus has become hugely popular, thanks to movies like ‘Rockstar’, you cannot deny the existence of South Campus. Colleges in South Campus might be scattered, but are surely not inferior. So, please stop imagining SRCC, Hindu, Khalsa and Ramjas when I say I am from DU.


2. College over course

I have never seen anybody asking me “What course are you pursuing?” It always starts and ends with the name of the college. Hey! Aren’t you concerned about what I am doing? Oh yes, you are more interested in how my social life is doing. There are different courses in different colleges. Remember that please?

3.  Oh, she’s a DU girl!

She’s from DU, so she’ll be really frank. She’s cool, snazzy and has to have a boyfriend, or two. She’ll be dressed to the nines, always. Basically, you’ll have a completely misleading list of Delhi girls.

4. Bunks debunked!

Okay, initially, I admit we enjoyed the liberty of not attending classes. But sooner or later we needed to. We too have assignments and internals. They take semester fees for something – EXAMS!

5. It’s a SOTY life

Oh right, the grand entrance of a rich brat, girls swooning over and fancy basket ball courts. Not really. There are break-ups and hook-ups and little love, just like any other college would have!

6. Fancy corridors

DU colleges do not have a sprawling campus of some thousand acres. No fancy corridors, canteens or in-house sports bar. And yes, no air conditioners too. Welcome to DU!

7. DU Professors are just like Virus in ‘3 Idiots’!

No, they are not. Turns out, they are in fact, very cool and approachable. You can chat with them, chill and even click selfies. Few might bore you with monologue lectures, but others are super-interactive and you feel like absorbing every minute of their conscious presence.

8. Girls college, yikes!

If you are one of the few who think it sucks to be in a girls college, wait till you get into one. It might be a bit chaotic but nothing is more vibrant than an all-girls college . You have to be there to understand how girls in girls colleges actually become friends with neighboring boys? I still wonder about that, as a matter of fact.

9. Rich brats

This conception is so wrong. Like how can people even think about it when we have a majority of reservation for “backward classes” (pun intended)? Delhi University is one place where we have people from all over the country – of all social and cultural strata. It’s not really an isolated place for rich brats.

10. Social butterfly

This amazes me. Nowhere else have I seen people sitting in one corner, reading a book and munching on bread pakora so comfortably. There are no stigmas attached with how much of a loner are you or how many friends you have. You party or not, you are buzzing or not, no one cares. Seriously!

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