Owning A DSLR Camera Doesn’t Make You A Kickass Photographer But Knowing These 12 Simple Tricks And Tips Will

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8:21 pm 18 Nov, 2016

Fine. You always had this unparallel zest to click the beauty in everything and capture those incredible, priceless moments that often go unseen and unappreciated. And to  enjoy and practice your passion for photography, you bought that costly DSLR camera out of your savings.

But some time later, you realized that using a DSLR is no cakewalk and its varied features are quite confusing and very technical. And eventually, with no clear-cut knowledge about its attributes, you failed to capture that flawless, exquisite moments that can actually win your hearts.

Well, don’t feel disheartened because right here, we have some amazing DSLR tricks that would upskill your talent in a minute and help you snap those ravishing photos:

1. Use of manual focus can make your photos more clearer.  


Usually, the IQ of the camera fails to decode the exact place to focus. To solve this problem, you need to switch ON the manual focus and rotate the focus rings until you get it right.

2. Half-pressing the ‘shutter’ option locks the focus.  

Many amateurs photographers would be probably unaware of this application. If you half press the ‘shutter’ option, it gives a green signal or beep to notify that the subject has been locked. And then, press the button completely to click the image.

This feature is not available if you are using the manual focusing mode. 


3. People using eyeglass can shoot without the eyeglass.

There is a small knob for dioptre adjustment right near the view finder. You can turn it to match the value of your eyeglass. It usually ranges between +3 to -3 or +5 to -5.

In case, you are prescribed with very high value then avoid using it.


4. You can store your settings in custom settings button when you shoot some subject regularly.

For example – If you love to shoot portraits indoor repeatedly under same lighting conditions, then, you can save the settings under the custom mode (C1, C2 for Canon and U1, U2 for Nikon).


5. Using faster memory cards improves your camera processing time.

Cards are numbered as ‘Class 2′ ‘Class 4′ ‘Class 10′ etc. The higher the number, the faster the card. Some extremely fast cards have different nomenclature labeled with their transfer speed of 45MB/sec, 95MB/sec etc.

6. Keep your DSLR up to date with the latest firmware.

The latest models of DSLR receive frequent firmware updates to remove any software related error which may have occurred after the roll out. You should check the firmware number in your camera menu and confirm the latest firmware on the website for that model.

7. Using direct flash can produce harsh shadows and the picture may look ordinary. You can use a small diffuser to soften the harsh light.

If you don’t find a mini diffuser just wrap a white tissue paper around the flash and you are good to go.




8. Use slow sync function from the ‘Flash’ menu when the subject, in front of the camera, is visible but the background is too dark.

The camera will take two exposures and blend them to expose both the subject and the background evenly. Keep the camera steady while using slow sync.

9. You can set 3 to 5 different exposure value (light settings) which are called brackets and then, keep the shutter pressed to take images with the same composition and yet different exposures like  -2, 0, -1 and +2 .


Later, you can use the software like ‘Photomatix’ or ‘Photoshop’ to create a high dynamic range image by combining all of them. 

10. If you are out in a rough weather, then better use a rain-cover.



11. You can increase the ISO value to improve the visibility in darkness. 

Mostly, it is not recommended to use a very High ISO but your DSLR can operate beyond ISO 6400. By increasing ISO value further, it would give you more clarity in utmost darkness.

12. It’s important to keep your sensor clean and free of dust. For that, one must have a good quality sensor cleaning kit.



Well, I hope you found these simple tricks useful and informative. So, why wait? Just grab your DSLR camera and make the best of it using these above hacks.

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