Drunken Man Tried Paying For McDonald’s Meal With A Sock! Ended Up Losing Hundreds Of Pounds

4:32 pm 30 Nov, 2018


What is the weirdest drunken story you have? I too have many but surely not going to share them on a digital platform! When the liquid courage enters our body then hilarity ensues. Sometimes hidden behind the hilarity are stories that will make you a little sad too. Today we are presenting such a story where a drunken man tried to pay at McDonald’s with a sock.

A UK man was horribly drunk when he went to order food at an outlet of famous food joint McDonald’s. In his intoxicated state, he was unable to differentiate between money and chips. Hence, he decided to offer potato crisps (chips) as the payment.




Naturally, the server must have rolled her/his eyes before telling the man to produce real money. Soon the man understood and he actually changed his mode of payment. Then he offered a sock for the food he has ordered. Identified as Shamsher Butt, the man kept on trying this barter until the police arrived.



It was around 4:40 am in the morning and the McDonald’s employee had no other option but to call the police seeing the inebriated state of the customer. Upon administering the breathalyser test, the police found a high level of alcohol.

Instantly, he was arrested and taken to jail. It seems that he was very high while driving and then creating a fiasco at McDonald’s. He was also fined 120 pounds when he pleaded guilty to drunk driving. Additionally, he was also asked to pay 85 pounds for court costs and 35 pounds as victim surcharge. Also, he is banned from driving for 18 months.



The worst part of his reckless behavior was, however, something else. It turns out he was supposed to take his pregnant wife to the hospital for childbirth. Instead, he was locked at the police station. Isn’t that sad?




Have you done anything like this while drunk or are you a responsible citizen? Let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on the story of this drunken man tried to pay at McDonald’s with a sock. In a mood for some fun read? Don’t forget to check this piece on types of boozers.


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