A Woman Drank Beer, Abused And Threatened Cops Inside A Police Station In Mumbai

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:09 pm

It is a routine matter for Mumbai police to deal with criminals but what happens when they have to deal with a drunk woman who abuses them?

This was an actual scenario at a Mumbai police station where a drunk 25-year-old Sunita Yadav was abusing and threatening cops while guzzling down a bottle of beer.

Assistant Police Inspector Tanaji Telvekar said:

“I was the night in-charge that day. There was some problem in a restaurant in our jurisdiction. Around 2.30 am, a woman alighted from a taxi and began to create a ruckus when she was not allowed to enter the restaurant because she was too drunk. She was abusing people and even broke an empty beer bottle in anger. Following a complaint, we brought her and her male friend to the station.”

Confused by her threats and sobbing at the same time, police officials could not decide what to do with her. An on-duty cop started recording the video of her.

An official who was at the police station that day said:

“Female police officials tried to calm her down, but to no avail. Hence, we decided to keep her in the police station till morning to let her sober down.”

A police officer said that Yadav sobered down and came to her senses around 7 am. She apologised profusely.

Though the police could have registered an FIR, they decided to fine her and allowed her to go with a warning.

Senior Inspector of the police station, Rajaram Mandge, said, “We charged her and her friend under Section 112 (Misbehaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace) of the Bombay Police Act and fined them Rs.1,200.”


Meanwhile, shocked at the incident, another police, who was on duty that day, said, “It was bizarre. That was the first time I saw something like this.”

At the same time, was it not unethical on part of the Police to video her drunken antics and upload the same on YouTube?