Drunk Man Parks Car On Pitch During Ranji Match, And Leaves Ishant And Gambhir Confused

2:20 pm 4 Nov, 2017


In an bizarre incident when a Ranji Trophy match was being played yesterday at the Air Force ground in Palam, one person drove  a car into the ground and parked it on the pitch, briefly halting the game. The match being played was between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. It is being considered as a major security breach, which left players from both the sides absolutely stunned. When the incident occurred, members of the Indian team squad Ishant Sharma, Gautam Gambhir and Rishabh Pant were present on the field.


The car parked right at the middle of the stadium NDTV Sports

This incident will now be probed by the BCCI affiliated unit Services Sports Control Board (SSCB). It was at about 4:40 pm, just 20 minutes before stumps for the day, when a silver grey Wagon R made its way straight on to the field and parked itself at the middle of the 22 yards. In fact, the driver, identified as Girish Sharma, tried to swerve his car twice before parking, reports NDTV Sports.



According to reports, the main gate of the Air Force ground allows cars inside after proper checking. However, the gate was unmanned during that time of the day, which caused the security breach. The man, instead of making his way towards the parking lot, chose to drive straight to the field.

The security personnel in the ground later got into action by closing the main gate to stop the intruder from fleeing. The driver of the car was allegedly drunk and was held by Air Force personnel before being handed over to the Delhi Police.


Delhi and UP were pitted against each other when the incident occurred Sportskeeda

Needless to say, the incident was highlighted on Twitter. Player Ishant Sharma himself tweeted about it:

And then there was no stopping the trolls:

Some people seemed genuinely angry at the incident:

But trollers were the winners hands down!


This match was to be held at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. However, the ground being chosen as the destination to hold the first T20 match between India and New Zealand, the location for the Ranji match was shifted to the Air Force ground in Palam.

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