Defence Ministry Gets 65 Spy Drones and Two Midget Submarines For Special Forces

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12:46 pm 9 Sep, 2015

Taking bold steps to strengthen India’s counter-terrorism operations, the defence ministry is believed to have acquired 65 micro UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or spy drones for IAF’s Garud Commando Force early this week.


According to a Times of India report, these 65 spy drones cost Rs.27 crore.

The Indian Navy too would receive two “midget submarines” or “chariots” for its marine commandos, MARCOS, for which constructions have already been approved.

The constructions of these two “Chariots” is costing India Rs.2,017 crore.

Besides these India already has bought sniper guns from Israel, assault rifles from Europe and “underwater open-circuit diving equipment” in its lot of specialised weaponry and equipment for it’s counter-terrorism operations.

According to recent reports, the government is currently working out the basics for its three newly proposed Tri-Service commands for space, cyberspace and special operations.

But till the commands are firmly in place, the ability of Indian armed forces are being sharpened with the Special Forces of each service getting better arms and equipments for their covert operations.

According to TOI, the armed forces have inducted well over 200 UAVs since the Kargil conflict that took place in 1999. For long range surveillance and targeting, the Indian armed forces have Israeli drones like Heron and Searcher-II and IAF also posses Israeli Harop “killer” drones, which acts as cruise missiles, which detect and explodes into specific set targets.

These micro drones are very useful for short-range surveillance and intelligence-gathering and will also help India detect any NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) contaminants in the battlefield.

The armed forces are also looking to making these drones capable of carrying small warheads.


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