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Easy And Fascinating Drinking Card Games To Spice Up Your Party Nights

Published on 12 March, 2019 at 8:39 pm By

Parties are fun unless people get stuck in a socially awkward situation. Especially if you are hosting a party then keeping the tempo of the event high is extremely important. Besides music and booze, there’s something else that you can use to spice up your party. Frankly, it also acts as an icebreaker to ease that awkward silence that might kill your party’s mood. Yes, we are talking about drinking card games!


There are only two things that you need for playing these awesome drinking card games. Drinks and cards! Mix them both and lay down a few simple rules to have an awesome time. So, are you ready to know more about drinking card games?

1. Truth and dare – card version

Let’s start our collection of drinking card games with something we all are acquainted with! Yes, the game of truth and dare is extremely popular mainly among teenagers. The card version, however, is something that the adults will love to play. All you need is a deck of card and your favorite drink. It is played by randomizing the turns and offering players a choice between truth or dare but with a twist of drinks.




  1. Deal cards in two rows and keep face down
  2. The left represents ‘Truth’ and the right ‘Dare’
  3. Each player flips one card from either truth or dare. There is the third option called drink if they fail to do the dare or isn’t truthful enough


2. Circle of death

Sounds fancy? Well, it is! In this game, a particular action is associated with each card. Then they are spread in a circle across the nastiest drink. Each player picks a card and then has to perform the task associated with the same. The best part is that you can come up with a plethora of tasks including funny, embarrassing or sweet. Due to its flexibility, it’s one of the most popular drinking card games.





  1. The players need to draw a single card and then they will have to perform the action associated with it
  2. There are some classic rules like King gets to make a new rule or Queen can ask questions but rewriting your own rules for each card type is fun
  3. The game ends when all cards are drawn


3. Pyramid

There is a pyramid formed using some cards and the rest is dealt among the players. The cards that form the pyramid are then revealed. The players then will be shown some cards and they will have to recall the type and order. If they forget, they can bluff about the same. If they are caught lying, the player needs to take a shot. As it involves memorizing the cards, the game spices up when the players start getting tipsy.




  1. Each player gets 5-10 seconds to look at 5 cards then they are faced down
  2. The key is to memorize the cards and orders then to say it for others until they can decide you are right or bluffing


4. Bullshit

No need to get offended, it’s actually the name of a game. One of the popular drinking card games, it’s very easy to play. This game is all about Aces. The cards are dealt face down and each player has to put forward one or more cards and say how many aces they have. Even if someone has no aces, they will have to lie about that. If their bluff is called, they need to drink a glass of beer. If not, they win! This sure is a fun way of jazzing up a party. Don’t you think?




  1. Each player gets some cards and has to deal it face down
  2. Everyone takes a turn
  3. The players are at liberty to lie about the number of Aces they posses
  4. The game continues until one person puts all her/ his cards down
  5. The others are forced to finish their drinks if no one’s bluff is caught and the game finishes


5. Asshole

This is one such drinking card games that have an offensive name but is totally fun to play. Unlike other games, it is not simple. However, once you get above the complexity then you will see the incredible enjoyment it brings! The players are given a position such as President, Vice President, Asshole, and Vice asshole. Each member plays a certain role in the game. The ones without the position are called the middle people.




  1. The president gets the first chance followed by Vice president, middle people, Vice Asshole and Asshole
  2. All cards played must be equal to or greater than the card played before it
  3. The hand ends with full rotation and when one person puts the last card down
  4. The first player to finish the game is President for next, second is Vice President, second-to-last is Vice asshole and last is Asshole.



Drinking card games are super fun. However, make sure that you drink responsibly. Also, NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.  So, which game will you pick for your next party? In case you are looking for some more fun ideas, then check out our article on drinking games.


NOTE: TopYaps doesn’t support intoxication of any manner. This article is just for information purpose.


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