Looks Like Punjab Police Is Worried About You Spilling Your Drink While You Drive

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8:03 pm 18 Jun, 2016


When it comes to hilarious misspellings, Indians are pretty ahead of the game. On a hot, humid day, misspelled roadside banners can come as a welcome break. And when you walk into a restaurant and see the spellings, well, it becomes dinner and entertainment.

This “meenu” (aka menu) in Chandigarh manages to have mistakes in its entire listing, giving patrons the option of  choosing between wiskee, vadka, jin, child beer and old munk.

Old munk being priced at a cheap Rs 16, it makes me wonder how small their glasses are or whether Old Munk is a rip-off brand. Anyhow, with prices so cheap, how do they expect people to take ‘Don’t drink and drive’ seriously?

Funny Menu



‘Don’t drink and drive.’ – Pretty straightforward and catchy, right? You don’t want people to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, and you also don’t want them to drink while driving. As slogans go, it’s pretty great.

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for this establishment. They warn: Drink Safe Before Driving, Order by Punjab Police, which pretty much sounds like Punjab Police wants us to sit and sip our drinks properly before we get back behind the wheel.

So when in Punjab, please handle your drinks with care…or the police might book you for spilling wiskee.


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