Here Are The 7 Kinds Of Figures And The Dresses That Suit Them Best

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Updated on 28 Mar, 2016 at 8:11 am


Yes, certain types of outfits flatter certain types of figures, but do you know what works best when you want to look great? Confidence. So read on to get some tips about the kinds of dresses that might look good on you but always dress in a manner that you find comfortable. Don’t ever be too harsh on yourself for your physical appearance because that will eat away at your self-confidence, making you look bad even if you’re dressed in the most expensive clothes.


1. Straight

This type of figure has very little difference between the bust, waist and hips.

If you want to look curvy, try an empire waistline dress or one with an A-line skirt. Since you have a nice linear shape, wear fitted sheaths or classic shift dresses. Want to be a bit bolder? Try wearing a one-shoulder dress and show off those sleek collarbones.

Shift dress

Shift dress asos


2. Pear

Such figures are smaller at the bust and have wider hips and butt.

Wear dresses that fit your upper body well and fall gently on your hips. Dresses with A line skirts will minimize your hips. You can also try a empire waistline that will draw eyes to your waist and bust instead of hips.

A Line Dress

A-line dress dhgate


3. Hourglass

This type of figure has full bust and hips with a smaller waist.

Show off your enviable bod with wrap dresses and knit dresses that hug your figure. To look your best, make sure that your dresses have a fitted waist, since the waist is what makes your figure rocking.

Wrap dress

wrap dress trends4ever


4. Apple


Such figures are thinner at the top and rounder from the ribcage down.

Wear dresses that are tight at the bust and then flare gently down. Dresses that are not fitting at the waist look great on such figures. One-shoulder or off-shoulder dresses make sure that eyes focus on the upper half of your body.

Off shoulder dress

Off shoulder dress fpassets


5. Heavy Bust

The bust is bigger than the hips or the butt in such figures.

Dresses with V-necks and halter ties are best-suited for such figures as they compliment your natural assets and have a slimming affect. Dresses that have work on the hemline or have flared skirts also suit this type of figure.

Flared dress

Flared dress lystit


6. Petit

This term is used for women who are short and slender.

Wear fitted dresses that show off your slender lines. You’ll look great in short dresses with short or no sleeves. A dress that has cut outs in the middle section will enhance your slim waist.

Cutout dress

Cutout dress missguided


7. Plus Size

This term is used for women who are tall and broad.

Always be careful about the arm holes in your dress; they should ideally be deep cut or they’ll pinch the underarm and cause your upper arms to look bulky. Straight shift dresses can look great on you as can empire waistlines.

Wedding dress

Empire waist dress dhgate