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IPL Betting Startup Dream11: Know How People Are Earning Legit Money By Playing Cricket On Dream11?

Updated on 19 April, 2019 at 6:26 pm By

IPL betting startup Dream11, cricket-crazy India’s latest unicorn offers you to earn through playing cricket in app. So you think you are good at making match predictions but your skill is not taking you anywhere? In that case, you certainly haven’t heard of Dream11 that can make you really rich for the skill you have. Don’t believe us? Keep reading. First thing first, Dream11 is legal and is today the biggest fantasy sports platform in India with more than four crore user base. Its app but cannot be found on Google Playstore for the simple reason that Google doesn’t allow ‘pay and play’ apps.


So if you want to play a game, you need to download the apk file from their official website or just play from website by creating an account. The app is however available for App Store. It is a ‘Series D’ funded startup and was founded in 2012 by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth and in 2018 it found a place among the top 10 India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces.


Origin and the journey so far



When IPL started in the year 2008, Harsh Jain, an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Business School, started to look for an online fantasy cricket platform in India but could not find one. This shocked him, as well as, planted the seed in his head to launch one in the country where cricket is a religion and followed by millions. He involved his friend Bhavit Sheth, an alumnus of Bentley University and Harvard University and eventually the startup Dream11 was launched.

It also got wrangled in a legal dispute in the year 2017 when a petition was filed by advocate Varun Gumber against the startup under the Public Gambling Act, 1867 for promoting gambling. The Punjab and Haryana High Court, however, ruled that Dream11 is a ‘game of skill’ and doesn’t amount to gambling. The Supreme Court also refused to challenge the high court’s verdict. In September 2018, Dream11 raised USD 100 million from Chinese company Tencent, which shot the company’s valuation to about USD 800 million. The company today generates revenue of close to 100 crores each financial year.



What is a fantasy sport?



A fantasy sport is an online game where participants create an imaginary team of real players for an upcoming match. The performances of the selected players in that real match are then converted into points by the platform and winners are declared and rewarded accordingly.

Dream11 is one such fantasy sports platform where you can pick players and make teams for cricket, hockey, kabaddi, NBA, and football. The best part is that you can earn real cash if you are good enough in your analysis, knowledge, predictions and to some extent if it is your day.


How to create an account?



Creating an account for Dream11 is like creating an account for any other website but an additional step for Dream11 is that you need to provide your PAN details. You cannot withdraw money without PAN verification. The account can be created after downloading the apk file from their website or from the website itself.


How to play?



The next step after creating an account is to select a match. For the sake of argument, if you select cricket, a number of upcoming matches will be displayed on the screen. You need to pick a match and then of the 22 players from both teams, you need to create your dream team of 11 players taking players from both the teams. You need to pick 11 players by spending 100 credits or less. The credit points differ from player to player. You can create six teams per match and make changes in the teams until the deadline displayed on the app is reached. You can then join the contests with the created teams and join different contests for the same match and also play multiple matches at the same time.

You also need to select one player as captain and another as vice-captain. The captain and vice-captain get 2 times the points and 1.5 times the points respectively for the points scored by the players in the actual match. You can learn more about the points distribution by visiting Dream11’s website. The contests are of two types- one that includes an entry fee and another that doesn’t need any fee. If you join a contest that needs an entry fee, you stand a chance to earn cash rewards. You cannot earn any money from free contests.

Once a match is over, the participants for that match are ranked and half of them are rewarded. The contests with higher entry fee carry more cash rewards. You aim should be to at least get yourself in the top 50% of the participants to make any money. The probability of winning in a match is 1:1, which is sort of fair.


Can Dream11 be trusted?



Dream11 is a legit platform and thousands of people make money from it each day. However, if you are new then you should proceed with caution as it involves money and can get addictive. Also, you need to have critical thinking capabilities to make any serious money by playing the matches. It is not as easy as it may look and often the winning amounts are so meager that it almost appears like a waste of time.

Note: TopYaps doesn’t promote any form of gambling.



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