DRDO Successfully Tests ‘Garuthmaa’ And ‘Garudaa’ Glide Bombs In Pokhran

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11:23 am 20 Aug, 2016

India successfully tested its precision-guided ‘smart glide bombs’ on August 19 thus moving a step closer to being self-dependent in this technology.


Representational Image Defence News

Representational Image Defence News

The test, which was conducted at Pokhran firing range in Jaisalmer saw India’s conduct covert trials on two ‘glide bombs’ which has been christened as ‘Garuthmaa’ and ‘Garudaa’.

These ‘glide bombs’ are being indigenously developed by India Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and were drop tested from a Su-30 MKI aircraft.


While testing for Garudaa, was done on August 18 so as to evaluate its precision for a range of 30 kilometres, DRDO on August 19 drop tested both for Garudaa and Garuthmaa.

Both these tests were termed as a ‘major success’ by a DRDO official.


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While Garudaa is the non-winged glide-bomb, which was tested for a range of 30km, Garuthmaa is a 1,000-kg winged smart glide bomb and was tested for its maximum range of 100-km range.

The non-winged Garudaa would now be tested for bigger ranges (up to 100 km).



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These ‘guided bomb’ are contrary to the conventional ‘dumb bombs’ which take a free flight after being dropped.

Guided bombs like the ‘Guruthmaa’ have winglets and an on-board navigation and guidance systems, which enables the person to hit the target with precision after being dropped from varying heights.


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