14 Things You Should Not Say To A Smoker

10:00 am 6 Jan, 2015


Smokers are regular people.  They just have this habit of taking a few drags every now and then. Just like you wouldn’t want people to be commenting on things you do, the same way you shouldn’t really be saying these things to them.


No smoking comrade

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Remember, for very word you say, a smoker usually has a counter-argument for it.

1. Do you know smoking ‘Kills’?


Perhaps, yes. But you can die in a car crash too. Smoke or not, you die anyway.


Life is uncertain and nobody can predict death. Just because somebody is smoking, does not mean he or she is just slipping an inch with each drag he takes to the deathbed.

2. Why are you polluting the air?

What about all the pollution guzzling out of vehicles, factories, power generation centers which is far more harmful.


Just because they are needed for economic growth and to sustain your lifestyles don’t make them any less harmful than smoke emanating out of a cigarette.

3. Do you know how much you could save if you didn’t smoke

Wait a minute. Are you a billionaire yourself?


4. Each cigarette shortens your life. Roughly 12 minutes less time to live against each cigarette you smoke.

Great, Smokers don’t grow old…they die young.

smoker gif

It also means lesser hassles and no need to save for old age.

5. Smoking doesn’t help even when you think it does

Well, it does. Do you know this guy?

pipe smoker

6. I hate cigarettes’ that’s why I never touched one

We hate cigarettes too, that’s the reason why every time they see one, they light it up. Get a life, will ya?


7. The hard part is to be able to say ‘NO’ and then it’s easy to quit smoking

I say no to cigarettes too, but they don’t listen.


8. If you keep smoking, you’ll end up in a hospital

A cigarette a day keeps the doctor with pay.


9. A lot of people have quit smoking, why can’t you?

I am me. I am not them.


10. Smoking is like getting burned inside but you can never feel it

I would quit smoking, but nobody likes a quitter.


11. When you smoke, you’re paying to kill yourself

One cigarette can mean the difference between pacifism and mass homicide.



12. Cigarette: A fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between

Some things are better inhaled than chewed, tobacco is one of them.


13. Kissing a person who smokes, is like kissing an ashtray

Come on.

girl smoker

14. Passive smoking also kills. So stop smoking please

You should probably just leave the smoker alone.



Let smokers be.


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