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10 Reasons Why The Tech Geek In You Can’t Afford To Miss TechKriti ’16

Published on 2 February, 2016 at 12:58 am By

All the tech geeks out there, be ready to hone your creativity and dexterity because on March 3 India’s leading tech-fest Techkriti 2016 is set to begin. The event, which will last till March 6, is a powerhouse of innovations and an opportunity for talented entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. With aspirations in their hearts, the best of the minds gather to showcase their ideas that could change the face of technology.


With a huge line-up of challenging competitions and workshops, this fest is hard to ignore. From ‘Techkriti Grand Prix’ to ‘Wild Soccer’, from ‘Battlefield’ to ‘Astro Quiz’, every dare has its own appeal. But mind you guys, being victorious here is not child’s play; these hardy tasks will test you both mentally and physically.

Just to multiply your zest for this fest, here are the reasons why you just can’t afford to Miss Techkriti 2016.

1. Techkriti has a memorable and a successful history.

This annual inter-collegiate technology and entrepreneurship festival was first held in 1995 and since then it has maintained its status as one of the best and largest technological festivals in Asia. And, believe me, no other tech fest has amalgamated entrepreneurship and technology with so much poise.

The fest attracts around 40,000 people from all over India and abroad. Well, numbers say everything!


2. There are a variety of competitions, which make this fest interesting for all.

Competitions are the solid pillars of Techkriti and are instrumental in engaging the youth and encouraging innovation among them. The fest’s dedication to hosting different competitions makes us believe that they wish to promote all kinds of latent talents.
The themes of the competitions include: Techkriti Grand Prix, design events, ECDC, Robotics, Software corner, Mixed bowl, Take off and IMP (Innovation in Manufacturing Practices).



3. It equally focuses on entrepreneurship, the heartbeat of every youth.

Well, who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur? Everyone dreams of it at some stage in their lives. To share your idea and to expand it, you need a well-founded platform like Techkriti.
Events exclusively for those with that special spark of doing business include: Business Venture, Social Track, Elevator Pitch, Manmohan Gill Bio Business and IOT (Internet of Things).



4. Those who want to share their ideas also learn to deal with the social issues of our country.

Techkriti organizes a program called ‘Soccon’, or Social Conquest, which highlights the contemporary reformative ideas of all competitors eventually culminating into an ultimate battle for the throne of creativity. It also comprises of Techkriti Innovation Challenge (TIC), which aims to generate an idea that can be transformed into a path-breaking discovery.

Well, if you have one of those crazy app ideas, then this is the best place to showcase your product. Remember, an idea can change your life and make you rich.



5. Techkriti uplifts robotic innovation like nobody else.

Techkriti has been bringing together smart minds from across the world to showcase their talents through their self-invented bots. Robotics is a field where India needs a lot of advancement, and Techkriti fills that void admirably.
Competitions include: Wild Soccer, IARC, Manoeuvre, and IRGT.

‘Wild Soccer’ is the ultimate battle between robots on a soccer field with new weapons; ‘Manoeuvre’ is a game consisting of two bots from each team coordinating with each other in order to solve problems.




6. Techkriti talks bring great speakers and leaders together to spread ideas and encourage the youth.

Dr. Carl R. Hagen, the co-founder of the Higgs Boson Particle, graced Techkriti 2015. He is an alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the recipient of the Department’s Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. Nobel Laureate physicist Sir Anthony Leggett was also invited. Leggett is known for his pioneering work on to the theory of superconductors and superfluids.
In the past, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Richard Stallman (Founder, FSF and GNU Project), Vladimir Voevodsky (Fields Medalist from Russia), Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Laureate-Physics), Michael Foreman (NASA Astronaut),Marshall Strabala (Architect-Burj Khalifa), Jeff Liebermann (Host-Time Warp), Victor Hayes (Father of Wi-Fi), Walter Lewin (Astrophysicist, MIT), Rakesh Sharma (Astronaut, India), Linor Abargil (Former Miss World), Hans Rosling (Data Visionary and Global Health Expert), Alvin E Roth (Nobel Laureate, Economics), and P.Sainath (Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu), among others, addressed the students and academia during previous editions of the festival.




7. Its design events will test your engineering aptitude.

Design is the one zone in engineering where you can unlock your creativity and try something different that has never been done before. With Techkriti covering every aspect of science, engineering could not be left behind.

If you are one of those who skipped the IPL matches to watch ‘Junkyard Wars’, then this battle is made for you. ‘Junkyard Wars’ pushes you to make something useful and innovative from scrap materials.
Other battles include: Bridge Design Challenge, Concatenate and Sceintoon.


8. Most importantly, you can win prize money up to Rs 36 lakh.

I know that your talent is not cheap, so channel it in the right way to make sure that it gets its due.


9. Techkriti believes in contributing to society as well.

It aims to addresses one major social issue every year and hopes to bring the change in communities. In 2013 it organized the first Carbon Positive Festival of India and in 2014 Techkriti celebrated International Women’s Day by launching a novel campaign, “When Women Were: Awakening the nation to the plight of the Indian woman”, seeking to usher in a wave of women empowerment.
In recent years, India accounted for the highest estimated number of suicides in the world and according to WHO, one person commits suicide every 40 seconds globally. So, Techkriti, keeping the gravity of this alarming situation, has started Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign “#IamStrong” to suppress the teenage suicides in India.


10. Techkriti workshops are a significant platform for bringing awareness about new inventions.

Techkriti workshops include debates on bridge design which involves instruction on the key structural components of structural engineering and bridge construction – beams, arches, trusses, suspensions, and test for maximum load.
Other enlightening workshops are Androbot, Cisco networking, Augmented reality, Social Media Analytics and Hexapod etc. It is also the hub of energetic shows like EDM and Bollywood Night.






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