10 Things Most Of Us Fear But Shouldn’t

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 2:24 pm


1. Age

Isn’t it silly to rejoice when it’s your birthday but to constantly lie about your age? Growing old is a privilege that not everyone has. Embrace your age because that’s one fight you can never win. Don’t let others make you feel better or worse about your age. Remember, someone being younger doesn’t make them more appealing, and older people aren’t always wiser.

2. Change

Every time Facebook announces changes, my news feed goes berserk. It’s because people hate change, even if the change could be better for them. There’s comfort in status-quo but change is a part of life, so take it in stride. Whether it’s something like trying a different route to work or going out to eat alone, give change a chance.




3. Newness

We’re afraid of change because we’re afraid of what’s new. Newness in small things (like clothes, shoes, etc.) makes us happy but a new addition to your group, a new neighbor, a new colleague can make us tense. We anticipate that this newness will make things worse, when that new addition could turn out to be a good thing for you.

4. Differences

If we look at how we make friends or choose romantic partners, it’s by establishing what’s common between us. Do we both like ice-cream? Romantic drives? When people are drastically different from us, we would rather walk away. We shouldn’t though, because it is through different opinions and experiences that we enrich our lives.

5. Death

Yes, most of us would rather not think of death, but death is the only guarantee in life. If you’re born, you will die – there’s no fighting it. It’s best to accept death as a given because that helps you put your life in perspective. We can behave in petty or foolish ways when we think of life; thinking of death shows us exactly what’s important to us.

6. The unknown

Familiarity might breed contempt but it also makes us feel safe. This is why many domestic violence victims don’t get out of their situation; the unknown future is more frightening for them than daily abuse. Leaving a job that makes us miserable for an uncertain future, where we may or may not succeed, is scary, but isn’t it worth a shot?

7. Society

How many times have you heard, “What will people say?” Why do we give “people” so much control over our lives? Put yourself in “people’s” shoes for a bit; if I told you that someone somewhere was making their life decisions based on what you thought of them, you’d laugh. And you should. Mostly, people are too busy living their own lives; if not, they’re losers.

8. Being alone

A lot of us think that the only way to live a full and happy life is to be surrounded by friends, family and well-wishers. This makes the idea of being alone seem scary. Yet many people will tell you that they feel lonely in crowds. Happiness isn’t a quantity (how many friends) but a quality (living the life you want). Take your “Me Time” to get to know yourself.

9. “Those people”

Most of us have inherited not only genes and knick-knacks from our families, but also hatred. From childhood, we were told not to mingle with a said group (based on religion/region/caste/language/skin color). That led to us being scared of “those people”. If you allow yourself to get to know some of them, you might realize that your fear is unsound.

10. Mistakes

A large number of people are terrified of making mistakes because of the embarrassment it causes them. Which brings us back to the “people” point; which person out there hasn’t made a mistake? You will make mistakes, but how you handle the outcomes of those mistakes will define you. Don’t fear making a mistake, be scared of not rising above it.