Don’t Believe The Pictures You See Because They Will Trick Your Brain With Their Slip up Mistakes

1:00 am 29 Apr, 2014


1. Playgrounds have certainly changed since I was a kid.

playground area

2. Pain bagel? No thanks.

pain bagel

3. Most people don’t react to drowning with a LOL.

drown sign

4. Gynecology never makes me hungry.



5. Harsh, man.

harsh man

6. Pregnancy gives you mobile wi-fi?

priority seat

7. Okay, if you say so.

left lane

8. This is what I think about your “no vandalism”.


9. Mmm, firewood.

fire wood

10. Why would you lie to me sign? WHY?

entrance gate

11. But what about smoking AND alcohol?

no smoking

12. I knew they used mice.


13. I can stack chairs where I see fit.

stack chairs

14. This makes my soul sad.

ring the bell

15. That event is gross.

public event

16. Those poor children.

poor children

17. This isn’t the type of senior center I was expecting.

senior citizen

18. What a strange looking dog.

lost dog

19. I’ve been smoking wrong, then.

bad sign

20. Oh, computers.


From: Viral Nova


Credit: Buzzfeed, Reddit, Imgur, Instagram.

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