Banning ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ Is Not Right. We Are Judging The Serial Way Too Much

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8:15 pm 12 Aug, 2017



This three-letter word is, unfortunately, the most progressive word of our times. When we, Indians, are unable to find a solution to our burning sanskari issues, we find solace in this word. Because it is an easy escape. It kills the problem instantly, but surprisingly, it doesn’t solve it.

It is like taking the typical “Pahlaj Nihalani” way. When you cannot understand sex, just cut the “sex”.

The latest victim of this puerile ban phenomenon is a TV show, ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’. Ironically, producers of this show have failed to “guard” the show.

In case you don’t know, ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ is a TV show where a 9-year-old kid, Ratan, marries an 18-year-old girl, Diya, under unusual circumstances. The show has completed around 20 episodes, and the people are tirelessly revolting against its telecast, calling it filthy and unacceptable.



I, being a TV-repellent person, out of curiosity, watched this show just to understand the fuss that it has created. Well, the fuss is minimally justified, and the show doesn’t deserve the B-word: BAN.

Also, there is no rocket science logic needed to counter the ban, we need just a pinch of maturity and patience.

To start with, I accept that showing such a marriage is a pea-grained idea. The creative team could have written the same story between two mature individuals. But nonetheless, the story has not crossed the boundaries of obscenity yet. I repeat, it hasn’t.

You might differ with me, but I have come with legit arguments.

Yes. Ratan is at times creepy and mildly inappropriate. But is it due to his flaming desires for Diya? Hell, no. It is out of innocence. He thinks marriage is all about protecting Diya and making her happy. For him, there are no hanky-panky emotions attached.


On the other side, the girl, Diya, is also very much of fond of Ratan. But not even a single scene depicts that she has feelings for him.

Yes, there were a couple of scenes where writers should have controlled their urge for TRPs. The stalking scene had an uncomfortable ending when Ratan held the terrified Diya.

It looked like a very “cockroach-tic” romance.


Also, the show doesn’t propagate the idea of child marriage. This show is a just piece of fiction, not even a possibility. There have been many times where we have welcomed TV shows which were insanely stupid. Take ‘Naagin’ for example. Then, what is the problem with this? A TV show has a very short lifespan. It comes and goes. People forget.

Wait…did the show damage the pious veins of your heart?

Well, the same heart rejoiced when you watched ‘Game Of Thrones’ where sex was celebrated and violated like never before. Then, why just a cute (Okay, a bit awkward) scene between a kid and an adult annoys us so much?




I admit that writers need to maintain some righteous in their writing.  Well, in the coming episodes, they probably will. The story is yet to uncover a lot of things, till then, we can laugh at their creepiness but “ban” is a strong word in its protest.

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