11 Things Donald Trump Said In Reddit AMA While Trouncing Hillary Clinton Big Time

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6:44 pm 28 Jul, 2016

US Presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump hosted a Reddit AMA session on July 27 in which he answered quite a few questions on his policies, plans and how will he make “America great again”. But the best answers were concerning his rival, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

1. So this is how Trump will end corruption in politics.


Trump (8)


2. On Hillary and the controversial emails.


Trump (9)


3. On Bernie Sanders, who quit the Democratic Party after losing to Hillary Clinton. (And on Bill Clinton, too!)


Trump (2)


4. On those who are on the fringes.


Trump (1)


5. NASA is NASA and Trump loves NASA.


Trump (10)


6. On the police force.


Trump (3)


7. Of course, Trump’s arrival will mean goodnight to Obamacare.


Trump (4)


8. All his favourite presidents are Republicans.


Trump (6)


9. Yes, a section of the media has been viciously anti-Trump.


Trump (5)


10. This is Trump’s view on the H1-B visa.


Trump (11)


11. This is why he is Trump!


Trump (7)



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